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Updated: 23 min 56 sec ago

We Are So Screwed: Study Warns Of 5 Degree Celsius Warming By 2100

1 hour 25 min ago
A new climate research study predicts that if the world's leading countries continue doing what they are doing to rein in carbon emissions, average global temperatures by the end of this century will be 4 to 5 degrees Celsius higher than they were prior to the Industrial Revolution. That amounts to a death sentence for humanity.

82% Of G20’s Energy Supply Still Comes From Fossil Fuels

2 hours 25 min ago
A new report published this week has determined that 82% of the G20's energy supply is still sourced from fossil fuels and none of the countries' climate pledges are on a 1.5˚C-compatible pathway, contributing to a current trend which will see global warming of 3.2˚C unless G20 nations halve their emissions by

Bifacial Solar Panels On Trackers Help RAI Win 50 Megawatt Solar Auction In Jordan

4 hours 45 min ago
The bid that won a 50 megawatt solar plant award in Jordan for RAI Energy International was as low as it was only because the design was based on bifacial panels and on single axis trackers, says Mohammed S. Alrai, CEO of the San Jose-based company. At $0.0250 per kilowatt-hour, RAI secured second place among 30 bidders, edged out of first place by panel manufacturer Jinko, which bid $0.02488/kWh

Solar Energy Beats Coal On Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Says DOE

5 hours 45 min ago
Despite Trump's pro-coal rhetoric, the US Department of Energy promotes solar energy as a key element in grid and critical infrastructure resiliency

Stem Is Moving Beyond Energy Storage Into Solar+Storage Solutions

6 hours 45 min ago
CleanTechnica connected with Stem's SVP of global sales and marketing, Alan Russo, at Solar Power International this year to get the inside scoop on what makes Stem tick today and how that's changing now that it is folding solar into its catalog of turnkey solutions

Meet 4 Inspirational Women Working In Environmental Science Today

7 hours 45 min ago
Women have made major contributions to climate change research and to broader analyses of global environmental issues. Yet, they are generally underrepresented in key disciplines for the study of climate change and many of them have faced various barriers to their success and recognition.

The LA Auto Show Unveils Its Speaker List, & Guess Who We’re Interviewing

11 hours 27 min ago
The Los Angeles Auto Show just released the list of its speakers and programs a week before the event. The good news is that we will not only be there to cover the auto show's pre-public media days but also interviewed one of its speakers this week in Santa Clara, California. Here's our LA Auto Show Sneak Peak

Pearl Homes & sonnen Deliver The Sustainable Home Of The Future, Today

14 hours 45 min ago
Residential energy storage leader sonnen is taking another step forward with its sonnenCommunity solution with the announcement of the Hunters Point - Pearl Homes Community and Marina in the small fishing village of Cortez, Florida

BREAKING: Tesla Model 3 Configurator Opens In China

14 hours 48 min ago
We reported earlier today, based on tweets from Elon Musk, that Tesla plans to start delivering Model 3s to customers in China in March of 2019. Or, more cautiously, in April. Now we have word from our friend Vincent in China that the Tesla Model 3 configurator has just opened for reservation holders in China. More in a moment

Tesla Offering Model 3 Refunds To Reservation Holders (Unsolicited)

16 hours 36 min ago
Tesla is in an interesting position. Hundreds of thousands of people put down reservations for a Model 3, perhaps 100,000 of them (or not quite) have now gotten their cars, and hundreds of thousands are still waiting. Many of those people are overseas, but plenty are surely still in the United States. Who are they? Are they going to order? If not, are they ever going to ask for a refund

Tesla Slashes Solar Pricing 10–20% To Make Solar More Affordable For More People

17 hours 41 min ago
Tesla is slashing prices on its solar systems 10–20% in recognition of the progress it has made streamlining its solar sales process by integrating Tesla Energy products into its existing high-traffic storefronts

IHS Increases Its 2018 China Solar PV Outlook To 40 Gigawatts

17 hours 45 min ago
IHS Markit has revised its 2018 China solar PV forecast upwards to 40 gigawatts (GW) in the wake of news that the country's National Energy Administration is considering increasing its 2020 PV target to as much as 270 gigawatts

Austin Energy Brings Its EVs Are For EVeryone Campaign To Area Schools

18 hours 44 min ago
Austin Energy has an EVs For Schools program that teaches students about electric mobility. What an interesting idea!

Vestas To Install First 4.2 Megawatt Wind Turbines In Australia

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:55pm
Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas announced this week that it has been selected to supply wind turbines to a wind farm set to be built in Victoria, Australia, the 336 megawatt (MW) Dundonnell Wind Farm, which was the largest successful project out of the state's 928 MW Renewable Energy Auction Scheme. 

Tesla To Deliver First Model 3s To Customers In China In March/April 2019 — Hot!

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:26pm
Tesla's customers in China could be receiving their Model 3s as early as March or April, according to hot news today from a little blue bird. Tesla is continuing to ramp up its supply chain teams in preparation for the Model 3 launch abroad, and CEO Elon Musk noted that there could be a few deliveries to China in March, but that April was more certain

Tesla, GM, Nissan, & Rest of the EV Drive Coalition Push Congress to Rethink the EV Tax Credit

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:12pm
Should the incoming US Congress modify the EV tax credit

Tesla Cars Could Deliver Themselves In ~1 Year (If Regulators Approved), Tesla Buys Trucking Companies In The Meantime

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 9:09pm
In its relentless pursuit of a brighter future — especially through the design, production, and delivery of mass-market electric vehicles — Tesla has put its vehicle delivery process under the microscope, as revealed in new tweets from CEO Elon Musk

China’s NEV Cap & Trade Program Begins January 1. Will It Make China The Leader In EV Manufacturing?

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 7:55pm
The new Chinese cap and trade program for electric cars takes effect January 1. What happens in China could have a profound impact on the global auto industry and emissions policies in other countries.

US Solar Customers Prefer Solar Loans, Finds WoodMac

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 6:55pm
New research from Wood Mackenzie has found that solar loans were the preferred and dominant financing solution for residential solar systems in the United States through the first half of 2018, accounting for 42% and outperforming third-party-owned solar systems for the first time. 

Oil & Gas Companies Boast Few Long-Term, Low-Carbon Ambitions & Minimal Investment

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 5:55pm
Two new reports published within days of one another have outlined the difficulties inherent in continuing anything close to "business-as-usual" for oil and gas companies around the world, and the increasing pressure to begin transitioning to low-carbon operations.