What is Aracuba Experts?

Aracuba Experts is an online platform for renewable energies - designed by experts for (future) experts.
This platform represents an innovative approach that caters to the needs of proven experts, students and even interested laymen. This is achieved both at a cross-technological, as well as a trans-national level.

What are the requirements for registering as Aracuba Expert?

In order to be able to register as an Aracuba Expert, you must either have completed relevant specialist studies or already be professionally active in the field of renewable energies. These minimum standards are used for quality assurance of the published articles and discussions.

What are the advantages of registering as Aracuba Expert?

Aracuba Experts can market themselves and their company, present projects and research results, and find project and funding partners.
In order to achieve this, there is an exclusive paid area in which only proven experts in the field of renewable energies can interact.

What are the advantages of registering as Future Aracuba Expert?

Future Aracuba Experts can follow the latest trends, projects and research results, educate themselves and subsequently become experts themselves.
They can follow the exclusive and paid expert area, and thus experience the latest developments and discussions in the field of renewable energies at first-hand.

How do I register?

In order to benefit from all advantages of Aracuba Experts, you'll have to register either as a Future Aracuba Expert or as an Aracuba Expert.
You will find the registration button on the upper right-hand corner of our home page.

How do I create a user account?

After you have chosen the appropriate expert category, a form appears to create your user account. Once you have done this, you will get a notification with a link to a first-time login at the specified e-mail address.
Following the link will give you an opportunity to create a personal password. In addition, you can compose a short description and upload an image.

How do I create a profile?

This is done by using the blue overlay bar at the top of the page, in addition to accessing your user account and a link to the home page and the logout function. Expert features for creating articles, projects, expert profiles and training courses are also available.
Clicking on "Add content" and then on "Expert profiles" takes you to a special input mask.
Here you can enter your name or the name of your organisation, as well as more details, such as your logo, contact details, a description of your organisation and your product or service portfolio.

How do I publish an article?

In order to publish an article click on "Add Content" in the blue overlay bar and then click on article.
In the window that appears, you can enter a title, image, text and story highlights.
As with the entire Aracuba Experts platform, the language selection is of course between English and German.

May a Future Aracuba Expert also publish an article?

A Future Aracuba Expert should, of course, be willing to share his already acquired knowledge. Thanks to the monthly article competition, this is continuously possible. All he needs to do to participate is to submit his article to office@aracuba.eu .

What is a contest?

A contest is a competition that every registered Aracuba Expert or Future Expert can start or take part in. The organizer can freely choose the topic (e.g. a planned project, idea etc), the participant group (Aracuba Experts or Future Experts or both) and the timeframe. During this timeframe, the selected number of winners will be chosen. The organizer will then carry out traditional negotiations about the chosen topics with these winners.

How do I start a contest?

Go to the 'Contest' section of the menu and click on 'Start Contest'. You can then choose your topic, participant group and duration.

How do I take part in a contest?

If you are part of the chosen participant group for a new contest, you will be automatically notified via email. Just click on the link provided and then click on the 'Enter Contest' button for the relevant contest. You can then provide your documents for the contest.

What is an RSS Feed Search?

An RSS feed search creates an archive of knowledge from the daily news on Aracuba Experts. You can use it to search all published articles by us or our news partners. This means a unique and constantly growing archive of knowledge on the topic of renewable energy.

As you can also directly search the content created on Aracuba Experts, you have the perfect combination of up-to-date news and practical reports by international experts in your own personal archive.