Algae Bioenergy Siting, Commercial Deployment and Development Analysis Final Report (External Content)
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The technical assistance on algae bioenergy siting, commercial deployment and development analysis (hereafter: the Project), service contract number ENER/C2/2012/421-1, awarded to the Consortium constituted by D’Appolonia (DAPP), SELC – Biologia e geologia applicate (SELC) and University of Padua (UNIPD) by the European Commission, Directorate General (DG) Energy, has a duration of 15 Months. The Project, started in January 2014, is mainly focused on the scaling up of algal bioenergy and co-product chains in European market, and it is articulated in the following tasks, besides the activities performed concerning the project management (Task5): Task 0 – Project start-up; Task 1 – Siting of algae cultivation systems; Task 2 – Identification of the most promising bioenergy and co-product chains; Task 3 – Overcoming the barriers; Task 4 – Final wrap up and awareness raising. The first deliverable of the technical assistance was the Inception Report, delivered on February and consisting of the project implementation plan and of the visibility strategy. The Interim Report, second official deliverable submitted in July 2014, had the scope to inform the EC of the progress of the assignment and of the achieved results after a period of six months of analyses, before its final completion. The present document follows the same approach as the Interim Report, and provides a full overview of the activities carried out, of the applied approaches, and of the final figures of the analysis. Its main objective is to share the findings of the analysis over the entire time span of the assignment, which encompassed the phases of algae siting, of analysis of the most promising biofuel and co-products chains, of assessment of the main barriers and identification of a set of recommendations to overcome the latter. The assignment has now got to its conclusion and the document is therefore focused on activities carried out during the overall 15-month period.

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