Aracuba Experts

Aracuba Experts is an online platform for renewable energies - designed by experts for (future) experts.

This platform represents an innovative approach that caters to the needs of proven experts, students and even interested laymen. This is achieved both at a cross-technological, as well as a trans-national level.

The special focus is on small businesses, individual experts, students and interested lay people from developing countries. These target groups will benefit from a facilitated or even a first-time access to the latest technologies, projects and training opportunities.

Country-specific and cross-technology partnerships are facilitated and better targeted through specific business and financing partner search features on Aracuba Experts. Thus, experts, students and interested lay people from high-tech countries benefit from the knowledge, experience and business ideas of their partners from developing countries.

This enables the transfer of knowledge, not only horizontally, but also vertically. Students and interested lay people can enjoy unique access to expert articles, discussions, projects, and online courses.

To enable such a wide range of services, the team from Aracuba GmbH also relies on strong national and international partners in the areas of media, universities, NGOs and organisations/institutions involved in the continuous development of Aracuba Experts.