ARACUBA EXPERTS -the new online platform for renewable energies started during the COP21
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ARACUBA EXPERTS -the new online platform for renewable energies started during the COP21. In the spirit of this important conference the main aim of this platform is to create a network of renewable energy experts that transcends international borders and technologies. But this new online platform is not just for experts – students and anyone interested in the topic can access the site. The main focus is on NGOs, small companies, experts, students and young people from developing countries that are interested in the field. The ARACUBA EXPERTS platform will make the newest technologies, projects and education easily accessible for them.
Registered experts can publish articles, project descriptions and a profile on ARACUBA EXPERTS, as well as find business and project partners. Up until now, it has been difficult for laypersons and up-and-coming experts to follow experts' current projects and discussions – registering with ARACUBA EXPERTS makes this possible. Students and other young people (ARACUBA FUTURE EXPERTS) can take part in online courses and competitions to quality as experts (ARACUBA EXPERTS).
The site provides also free access to a constantly growing number of technology-based and market-based studies, online courses at renowned international universities, and up-to-date news.
This enables the transfer of knowledge, not only horizontally, but also vertically. Students and interested lay people can enjoy unique access to expert articles, discussions, projects, and online courses.
Furthermore every registered ARACUBA EXPERTS or FUTURE EXPERT can start their own contest to realize a project, gather ideas, or find partners, investors and employees. The organizer of an ARACUBA EXPERTS CONTEST can freely choose the topic (e.g. a planned project, ideas etc), the participant group (ARACUBA EXPERTS or FUTURE EXPERTS or both) and the timeframe. During this timeframe, the selected number of winners will be chosen.  The organizer will then carry out traditional negotiations about the chosen topics with these winners.
Another unique feature of ARACUBA EXPERTS is the RSS FEED SEARCH: A growing number of international partners provide ARACUBA EXPERTS with daily news. The RSS FEED SEARCH creates now your personal archive of knowledge from this daily news on ARACUBA EXPERTS. You can use it to search all published articles by us or our news partners. This means a unique and constantly growing archive of knowledge on the topic of renewable energy.
As you can also directly search the content created on ARACUBA EXPERTS, you have the perfect combination of up-to-date news and practical reports by international experts in your own personal archive.
To enable such a wide range of services, the team from Aracuba GmbH also relies on strong national and international partners in the areas of media, universities, NGOs and organisations/institutions involved in the continuous development of ARACUBA EXPERTS.
For further information and step-by-step instructions for the use of ARACUBA EXPERTS please read the attached guide on the left side.
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