Biofuels for Transport-Statistical Report 2019
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The WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics reports are the only report focusing solely on the developments in the bioenergy sector. The current report is the 5th in this series.

Bioenergy is a complex energy system and is an important energy source and will play a crucial role in the future energy mix. The energy source accounts for 10% of the energy supply or 14% of the energy consumption globally. These reports are an attempt to put fact-based information about bioenergy.

Data is crucial for informed decision making. As they say ’one can’t manage what one can’t measure’. In the recently released UN report on ’Progress towards Sustainable Development Goals’, it is emphasized that the amount of data and statistics needed to track the Sustainable Development Goals poses a major challenge to national and international statistical systems. It calls upon global statistical community to modernize and strengthen statistical system. These statistical reports form an important basis for understanding the progress of bioenergy and renewables in general towards meeting these goals.

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