GWCE Africa Wind Energy Handbook
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GWEC, as the voice for the global wind energy industry, has formed a Task Force to support growth opportunities for wind energy on the African continent. The Task Force is composed of leading wind energy companies active in the African market as well as associations and institutions such as the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) and RES4Africa With a focus on the Sub-Saharan markets, especially South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania, this Task Force provides input to institutional stakeholders to create a deeper understanding of the potential of wind energy in Africa.

The Africa Handbook is part of this effort. This handbook is a lobbying tool for corporates and government authorities alike to learn more about the potential and the challenges for wind energy in the African continent. The handbook is based on the experience, knowledge and insights of GWEC’s Africa Task Force members. Examples found inside this handbook are from African markets, but also other wind markets in the world, since the challenges and questions at hand are global in nature. However, answers to these challenges and questions can only be meaningful if applied to the specific context of individual markets.

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