Hydropower Providing Flexibility for a Renewable Energy System
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At first, this report explains the status quo of electricity generation in Europe as well as fundamental knowledge related to the term flexibility. Flexibility provision needs to meet

certain demands caused by different elements of power systems. This report also presents different flexibility options able to cover these demands for flexibility. Although all provide

individual advantages, this report identifies hydropower, especially pumped storage hydropower, to be a very flexible, diverse option and a technology capable of facing flexibility

challenges set by the increase of intermittent renewable energy sources.

Hydropower is especially common in the Nordic and Alpine countries and might provide flexibility. Assessments of future possibilities regarding this technology should therefore

consider hydropower located in these countries. In order to evaluate requirements for hydropower providing flexibility, factors are described, which are essential to the future

success of this possibility. As the future is subject to uncertainty, numerous outlines of the future European power system are available, designed by different parties involved in power

systems. This report examines existing scenarios on possible opportunities of hydropower based on the mentioned factors.

Finally, this report defines three scenarios, the Green Hydro, Reference and Prosumer scenario, which are specifically designed as suitable input for the following computational

simulations of the European power systems. To evaluate the possible profitability of hydropower and to achieve HydroFlex’s main objective, the scenarios describe different

contexts for Nordic hydropower.

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