Pexapark is among businesses to collaborate with towards SDG 7
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Pexapark, a startup from Switzerland offers transaction services and tools related to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and asset management to energy buyers who want to get their energy from renewable sources.  

Pexapark is featured in the latest Valuer's SDG Forecast report that demonstrates how large organizations can engage with a specific UN Sustainable Development Goal by collaborating with startups. This report focuses on SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy and shows how corporations can become energy-efficient by embracing innovative technology. The report provides market opportunities, trending technologies, advice for corporations, and three startups whose innovative technology can help corporations become energy efficient. Moreover, the publication explains how Valuer’s online platform uses AI to help large companies find SDG-related startups that match their unique needs and goals. The full version of the SDG Forecast report (available for download at Valuer's website) includes six case studies: three SDG 7-related startups and their technologies explained in detail and three corporations that do a great job at tackling the UN goal. Download the SDG 7 forecast report here

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We enable better renewable energy sales in subsidy-free markets through a combination of software tools and PPA transaction services.