Organisation of African Youth

Organisation of African Youth (OAYouth) is a registered continental, member-based non-profit organisation; an empowerment vehicle and a revolutionary movement for all youth in Africa. OAYouth serves as a platform for young people to assert their power in numbers, energy and imagination to transform Africa to be a beacon of hope for all its’ people.

OAYouth works to motivate, unify and empower African youth to be drivers of Africa’s social, political and economic transformation. This is achieved by synergising local innovative ideas to all African countries through activist youth in leadership, academia, civil society and business. Through structured programs, OAYouth harnesses resources and ideas to empower tomorrow’s leaders today.

Our Vision
A strong representation and participation of youth in championing social, political and economic development in Africa.

Our Mission
To be the continental umbrella organisation for all African youth, providing a platform for youth-led programmes, a forum for dialogue, and a network of future leaders.



Organisation of African Youth is a Pan-African movement, working under the idea of an Africa Rejuvenation Strategy (RJS). The central thrust of OAYouth’s "RJS" is premised on the obliteration of the deprived people syndrome (DPS) in young African people, through strategies and activities that enhance African pride, productivity and unity.

OAYouth believes that Africa has long provided the necessary foot-stool for the development of other continents, and that Africans must start to realise that lasting development will not come through aid or lopsided bi-lateral relations with world powers. It can only come through the unity of African states to trade with each other and work for a common purpose towards  the eventual unification of the continent as one United African Republic (UAR) (copyright).

This will be possible if Africa builds the Pan-African Agenda around three pillars: Identity, Unity and Cooperation

Strategic Objectives
OAYouth’s programmes are centred on key objectives:
→ To motivate and inspire young people to participate in nation building
→ To unify the fragmented voices and programmes of youth in communities, country and continent.
→ To initiate projects that empower youth economically, socially and politically

Business Sector: