Renewables 2013 Global Futures Report(External Content)
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What is our current thinking about the future of renewable energy? What is the range of credible possibilities for that future? As suggested by the cover, this report is a “mosaic” of insight into these questions. Most significantly, the report does not provide one preferred vision or position, but rather portrays a range of possibilities and thinking on the subject—compiled into a simple overview. The report is intended as a tool for education and discussion, and as an objective framework for thinking about the future. To answer these questions, the report author and researchers compiled information from a wide variety of sources. These included: (1) interviews with some 170 industry experts, technology experts, executives, researchers, visionaries, policymakers, finance experts, and utility managers in 15 countries; (2) interviews with local city officials and stakeholders in more than 20 cities; (3) discussion workshops in three developing countries; (4) more than 50 recently published scenarios by credible international organizations, energy companies, and research institutes, covering global, regional, and national long-term futures to 2020–2050; (5) all existing government policy targets for future shares or amounts of renewable energy to 2020–2050, including regional, national, state, provincial, and municipal targets; (6) long-term action plans by local/city governments; (7) corporate annual reports and other publications and communications by major energy companies; and (8) a variety of published articles and references, including the REN21 Renewables 2012 Global Status Report. This report is not intended to be scientific. It does not convey objective surveys or statistical samples. And it does not offer recommendations. It also is not intended as journalism, although it does make extensive use of interviews. Rather, the report is intended to provide an overall mosaic of the range of contemporary thinking.

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