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Advancing Sustainable Energy was prepared for the occasion of the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF) as an up-to-date catalogue of UN-Energy Asia-Pacific - its members, case studies and an assessment of member organizations' perspectives on enhanced energy security. ESCAP is the secretariat for UN-Energy Asia-Pacific, a part of the global coordination group UN-Energy. 10 members participated in the questionnaire to gather information for this publication. Stakeholders, especially in member States, can read this booklet to get the most comprehensive understanding of the vision, strategy and activities of ADB, ESCAP, FAO, UNCCD, UNCDF, UNDP, UNEP, UN-Habitat, UNIDO and World Bank on energy in the Asia-Pacific Region. This product aims to raise awareness and coordination, as well as inspire ideas for improving and initiating partnerships between countries, the United Nations and all development partners.

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