Overview of European innovation activities in marine energy technology (External content)
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This report aims to provide an overview of the research capabilities for innovation activities in marine energy within Europe in 2011. The sector features intense product innovation, embodied by the development of diverse marine- energy devices, which is dominant in the early stages, when the market is not yet well defined. Overall, the mobilisation of financial resources for wave and tidal energy gathers only 10 % of the aggregated (public and private) investment in mature technology (wind technology). Human resources in the sector account for less than 6 % of those mobilised by young technologies (offshore-wind-energy technology). Although the intensity of mobilisation is relatively low, public money is effective in mobilising funding for marine energy innovation activities. Additional constraints for technology are induced by unexpected variations in policy support for the technology and subsequently influence the future development of the technology. Finally, Europe has great potential in the development of the technology if more active policy coordination and synergies are exploited

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