2013 JRC wind status report-Technology, market and economic aspects of wind energy in Europe(External content)
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This report presents key technology, market and economic aspects of wind energy in Europe and beyond. During 2012 the wind energy sector saw a new record in actual installations and also a negative record year for the economics of its manufacturing sector. 2013, by contrast, saw a reduction in turbine installations but a better perspective for the economics of the sector. The global market reached 45 GW of installed capacity in 2012 of which 1.4 GW offshore, whereas in Europe 11.9 GW installed beat the 2009 record of 10.2 GW, with the offshore market also marking a new record with 1.275 GW. Global cumulative installed capacity reached 285 GW at the end of 2012 and, according to preliminary reports, it reached around 320 GW by the end of 2013. The installed capacity at the end of 2012 in the EU produces 203 TWh of electricity on an average year. From a technology point of view in 2013 the outstanding results of the TWENTIES project for wind integration deserves credit. They showed e.g. that up to 15% more electricity can be transported in existing lines with minimum operational and technological improvements, and up to 25% more in newly-designed lines using new but within-reach technologies. In 2012 both turbine and project prices onshore dropped, and 2013 showed the first indications that a 40% reduction in offshore cost is within reach by 2020. The analysis of data from IEAWind (2013) suggests that the average “Western” (i.e. without Chinese or Indian project data) wind project capital investment was 1510 €/kW in 2012, a reduction of 4% over the 1 580 €/kW of 2011, and the average turbine cost was 940 €/kW in 2012, a 6% reduction over the 998 €/kW of 2011. Calculations based on different sources suggest a significant reduction for 2013 to perhaps €1 410/kW

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