Indian Renewable Energy Status Report Background Report for DIREC 2010 (External content)
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India has great potential to accelerate the use of its endowed renewable resources to power its growing economy with a secure and affordable energy supply. The Government of India recognizes that development of local, renewable resources is critical to ensure that it is able to meet both its economic and environmental objectives, and it has promoted this development through policy action. The Indian economy has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. Energy, in all its forms, underpins both past and future growth. For the Indian economy to continue this trajectory, India needs to address its energy challenges, which cross all sectors and impact all citizens. Electricity—both in terms of quality and access—is a key challenge. The quality of the current electricity supply is impeding India’s economic growth. Issues such as voltage fluctuation, frequency variation, spikes, black-outs, brown-outs, and other disruptions impact industrial, commercial, and residential consumers. The addition of gridtied renewable power can help address these issues. The gap between the demand of customers connected to the grid and the available electricity supply reported by the Central Electricity Authority for 2009–2010 was almost 84 TWh, which is 10% of the total requirement. The peak demand deficit was more than 15 GW, corresponding to a shortage of 12.7%. Closing this gap will be critical for India to achieve its growth targets, and renewable energy has the potential to improve energy security and reduce dependence on imported fuels and electricity while striving to meet those goals. Much of India’s population is not experiencing the benefits of economic growth. The Government of India sees the provision of electricity to all as critical to inclusive growth. It recognizes off-grid renewable energy as a practical, cost-effective alternative to an expansion of grid systems in remote areas of the country.

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