Energy Systems Integration: An Introduction

Discover innovative sustainable energy systems solutions and explore an integrated perspective on the energy market.

Learn how sustainable energy systems interact and solve big energy challenges

With the rising cost of energy and the threat of climate change on energy security, the world is facing critical energy challenges. On this course, you will explore sustainable energy solutions, and build skills to develop, plan and operate an integrated sustainable energy system.


You will learn how energy systems interact and how to relate your energy expertise to the wider framework of energy transition. You’ll look at the integration and regulation of energy systems as well as the impact of electromobility, the future of electric power systems, and the psychology of consumer behaviour.

What topics will you cover?

• Lesson 1: Introduction to energy system integration

• Lesson 2: Coupling of energy vectors

• Lesson 3: Coupling across geographical scales

• Lesson 4: Coupling of regulation and control mechanisms

• Lesson 5: Coupling of other infrastructures

• Lesson 6: The integrated energy system: putting it all together

• Case Study 1: GE and energy systems integration

• Case Study 2: Renewables integration and support services


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